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Together we seek to enjoy, share and extend the fellowship with Triune God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Enjoy the Fellowship

We enjoy the fellowship with God through the Gospel. This  Gospel has called us to become God's children, saved us from our sins, and brings us into an intimate fellowship with God.   

We desire to experience this fellowship, which transforms every aspect of our lives (our values, purpose, and day to day relationships). Through these changes, we aspire to become disciples of Christ and reflect the abundant life, the Kingdom life which Jesus promised.

Share the Fellowship

Our God is the Triune God who is loving and communal. We, therefore, seek to be a community of believers reflecting His image in our relationships. Hence, rather than keeping our fellowship with God private to oneself, we seek to become a community where we can share the joy of the fellowship with one another and experience a foretaste of the Kingdom of God together.

Extend the Fellowship

The Triune God extends this intimate fellowship to the beloved people that God created. We seek to build a community that extends the fellowship to our neighbours, to our local communities and to the world. In doing so, we participate in His Mission which brings restoration to the whole world.


Geoff Sukmin Suh

Lead Pastor


  • Korean Bible Studies (NZ) Advisor

  • Coramdeo Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity)

  • Laidlaw College (Bachelor of Theology)  

  • The University of Auckland (Bachelor of Commerce)

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