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Little people make a big part of TFC family. Each Sunday the children learn to love God and the people around us to grow in their faith.

Our volunteer parents will have loads of fun with the little kids in the play room where it is safe and secure for all ages. 

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Worship is an integral part of TFC.

Every Sunday we gather to sing, listen to a talk and pray together in one Body and one Spirit.


All visitors are welcome to join us for our Sunday gatherings.

There will be coffee, tea and some sweet treats after each service.


Jesus loved meeting his disciples in small groups and the early church got gathered from house to house in small numbers to follow the tradition.

We believe that when two or three gather together as followers, the Lord is there among us (Mat 18:20).


There are three small groups that gather every second Sunday for sharing stories about God in our lives and how we respond to His word.


TFC is being run by a bunch of volunteers who dedicate themselves to serve the church in all different areas.

If you like to hear more about out volunteer groups, please let us know. 

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Leaders at TFC are open to support you in your joys and victories. They will be there for you when you need someone to pray with you or simply to talk to over a cup of coffee.


Please leave us a message with your name and email address.

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